How Unprofessional Employees Are Towards Their Career And Affects The Whole Workplace Environment

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Calling in to work and absenteeism is a major issue in workplaces.It shows how unprofessional employees are towards their career and affects the whole workplace environment which makes the employees stressed out.I have been working at Tim hortons for 6 months-currently.It has been a great experience working at tim hortons i have obtained many new skills.The morning staff whom I work with overall are friendly and the location is just perfect.But an issue which got me concerned with the workplace policies is the part time employees specifically call in sick constantly and don/t show up to work their scheduled shifts.Most of the workers are part time workers and they attend university or high school and they are working at the same time.Due to the fact they are attending school while working adds pressure to work and school to the employees.There are more part time workers than full time workers thats why there is more absenteeism and calling in.It`s hard for the part time workers to balance out schooling and work.When management team hires workers they dont look at the experience they just ask their interview questions and that also could be an reason why there are more part time workers.Part time workers are in need of jobs to make income when attending school.

The policies that are in place help the restaurant function properly and the whole team works together to give excellent customer service.The staff works as a whole to give excellent good customer service employees…

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