How Universities Are Manipulating Requirements For Entry Will Make A Financial Burden On Minorities?

1667 Words May 8th, 2016 null Page
Universities seem to be that one stop shop for the needs of young adults transitioning to the working class. Whether the student is seeking independence, higher salary, or simply a welcoming environment, colleges do all they can to seek the ladder for their students. In our current state of events, colleges are trying to solve a problem that has plagued students in the past. Diversity, more specifically, an openness to diversity on college campuses. Unfortunately, the marketing of college diversity is making the situation worse, not only with minority students, but for the college debt crisis as well. A noticable trend is that colleges are marketing to previously unqualified minorities. But colleges are not adjusting the system for the flood of students who were previously considered incapable to dealing with college programs. Colleges are putting a financial burden on minorities. College’s appealing to minorities has more negatives to our society than positives. Observing how universities are manipulating requirements for entry will make this issue clear. The main way colleges are appealing to minorities is through test scores. Achieving an excellent score on the ACT or SAT does make someone a more appealing student, however, test scores make minorities less appealing. According to Scott Jaschik, winner of the online Journalism award and founder of, SAT scores have decreased for hispanics and blacks more than any other race. In 2015, white SAT scores…

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