How U Kentucky ) Is The Center For Research On Violence Against Women

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(How U Kentucky…). Jordan then created the Center for Research on Violence Against Women in 2003 and, within a year, published a study on campus safety concerns (How U Kentucky…). After finding that 36.5% of female students were victimized while attending UK, the school founded the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center and hired Dr. Dorothy Edwards who, disheartened by the continuous “failure to prevent violence against women,” founded The Green Dot Program to prevent sexual assault (How U Kentucky….). This program has an imaginary campus map, and a red dot signifies each violent incident and anything perpetuating that violence while a green dot signifies an action that encourages safety or goes against the red dots (How U Kentucky…). This program mainly aims to create an all-new campus environment that unceasingly condemns violence (How U Kentucky…). This program has two aspects; the first includes an inspirational speech to inform the students about the prevalence of sexual assault and relate it to them, simplify and encourage bystander intervention, and discuss the Violence and Intervention Prevention Center (VIP) (How U Kentucky…). The second phase, called Students Educating and Empowering to Develop Safety (SEEDS), encourages intervention to stop violence before it occurs (How U Kentucky…). This portion invites students who have high reputations and leadership in their respective communities, called Popular Opinion Leaders (POLs), to engage in discussion to…

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