How Trends Draw People Out Of Their Normal Social Interactions And Into A World

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In a time when society is more egocentric than ever, people must resist or conform to a form of life that revolves strongly around knowing what everybody is doing all the time through social media platforms. Ms. Ham and Mr. Standage focus on how trends draw people out of their normal social interactions and into a world that seemingly revolves around themselves (We Shall Overshare, Mary Ham 280). Their focus upon the false sense of attention that people get from sharing about themselves shows how the audience in each article should be able to relate to this kind of situation. The world that people live in today is full of self-centered beings that seek only to grab attention for themselves and distancing themselves from their friends and family that care about them; because all they can think about is how many likes and shares a post can get on Facebook or Twitter. Ms. Ham’s article: “We Shall Overshare” was written on June 8, 2009 for The Weekly Standard and talks strongly on the problem of self-centered attention getters. Mr. Standage’s article: “Social Networking in the 1600s” was written on June 22, 2013 for The New York Times and shows the audience of social media users how the coffeehouses were no different than the apps that they use today to tell people and friends what is going on and why they should pay attention to that event.
Each article has its own medium from which the authors focus their articles on. Ms. Ham’s article uses Facebook and Twitter to show people…

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