Essay on How Transitional Justice Can Provide Space For A Dialogue

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How can transitional justice help Transitional justice can employ several methods used throughout the world to attack gang violence and garner some sort of reconciliation and peaceful transition. The most important thing that transitional justice can do is provide space for a dialogue. As seen previously through injunctions, gang members have no means of discussing problems and hashing out differences. Having a space to communicate can turn the bloodiest conflict to one characterized by peace. For example, at the peak of the gang rivalry between the Bloods and the Crips in 1992, through the creation of spaces to speak, ex and current gang members agreed on a peace treaty modeled after the 1949 ceasefire agreement between Egypt and Israel (Katz 1992). Once members of the opposing gangs were able to sit face to face they began to see that most dilemmas were minor personal problems rather than large unfixable problems. Thus, transitional justice is perfectly suited to provide the tools for a successful recovery and integration into the community. Gang recovery programs, through the spaces they provide for public talk, facilitate reform. Moreover, this platform that gang recovery programs provide allow former gang members to process their different lifestyle and confront their masculinity (Flores 2013). The ability of gang members to process their masculinity may reduce the sexual victimization of women as well as the physical abuse of children. This can be the “therapeutic…

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