How Tourism Can Be A Global Menace? Essay

777 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Have you ever seen the headline, “Top Ten Places to NOT Travel”? most likely not, excluded from a few outliers. That’s because traveling is one of the most common things people want to do before they die. Which makes perfect sense, I mean for a majority of us we spend half of our lives in school, and then the other half at a job until we retire. Therefore, getting out and seeing what the world has to offer is an aspiration for many. However, did you know that tourism can be a global menace? If not, that is perfectly normal, a majority of people don’t associate a negative stigma with the word tourism. Instead, tourism is typically associated with vacation, relaxing, etc. So what makes tourism a stealth hazard? Elizabeth Becker, a journalist for the Washington Post, provides us with many of the issues that have gone unnoticed in her article about tourism. According to Becker, the tourism industry has been going in a negative direction, “Tourism is now responsible for 5 percent of the worlds pollution… Beach erosion has been swift… unregulated tourist developments have put unbearable strains on scant resources. High-end tourists often waste more water in a day than some local families in a month.” (E&Z Reader 245-246). Unfortunately, these aren’t things people are thinking about when they’re vacationing/traveling, but rather they’re thinking about the escape from the pressures of daily life. Which is what makes this issues of tourism so dangerous, if people aren’t aware of…

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