How Tobacco Destroys Lives And Kills People And It 's Biggest Killers Isn 't A Bacteria Or Virus

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Illegalizing Tobacco
Russel Staples One of the earth’s biggest killers isn’t a bacteria or virus. The latest pandemic you see in the news does not compare to this deadly issue. With 5 million deaths across the world yearly as a result of this substance, you would think people would be cautious of this poison, yet it lures people in with the promises of fitting in and being cool. People think they can control themselves, yet once they take it, it can control their lives. The worst part about this killer is the fact that you can find it at your local convenience store. Tobacco destroys lives and kills people, and should be illegal. Tobacco began in early America. Native Americans, unwary of its danger, grew tobacco and smoked it in pipes. When Europeans explored America, the Indians traded them tobacco, and tobacco took off in Europe. The major reason it was so popular in Europe is because people believed it had healing properties. People thought it could cure anything, including, ironically, cancer and bad breath. Tobacco in the 1500s was viewed as having a positive effect on society, and it was grown in ever-increasing numbers. In 1588, A Virginian by the name of Thomas Harriet started a trend of smoking tobacco, instead of chewing it. Harriet died of nose cancer afterward, as it was popular at the time to breathe tobacco smoke out through the nose. People remained blissfully aware of harmful effects of tobacco.
However, by the beginning of 1600, people started noticing…

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