How to Write a Good Personal Statement Essay

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Personal statement
They want to know that im diverse
They want to know im responsible
They want to know that I can be an instructor and a supervise a living or day group
We also lead activities, athletics and discussion groups, lead students on off campus trips
Instructor position is a three time job teacher and advisor and leader.
Office manager : Office Managers work closely with the Main Office Director to ensure the smooth operation of the Main Office. Office Managers supervise office staff who assist with various office tasks, including answering phones, interacting with parents and students, maintaining the lost and found, distributing messages and faxes, facilitating student checkin and check-out, and keeping the Main Office
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For my 10th grade graduation personal project I created a piece of my favorite city” Jerusalem” out of clay. I attended a workshop for pottery and ceramics and composed a personal statement for my project.
I graduated from ABS with an international Baccalaureate Diploma( IB) with a score of 37 out of 42. I also met the requirement for achieving the silver Award for EYA award. “The EYA is one of a large number of similar programs offered in over 60 countries around the world (e.g. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the US Congressional Award, etc.) It is a voluntary and non-competitive activities program for young men and women in which each participant engages in a physical recreation, perseveres with a skill, takes part in community service and goes on an expedition”.
I applied to several colleges in the united and states, however I was looking for an excellent business school that offered general business requirements courses and had a diverse campus. Bentley proved to be the right match for me. I can proudly say that I can run my own business venture at just the age of 20 years. Bentley provided me with a strong core background on business in all aspects and helped me discover my true passion for managerial economics and nonprofit organizations. I’m very happy with the professors at Bentley because they teach to pass on their knowledge and benefit the students. My

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