Essay About Moving Away

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“Don’t take yourself so seriously, Know when to laugh at yourself, and find a way to laugh at obstacles that inevitably Present themselves” - Halle Berry. This quote to me means that you have to know when to laugh at yourself sometimes. If you mess up don’t be too harsh on yourself instead just laugh it up and overcome those obstacles. I did not know i was going to make this quote a part of my life. It was two summers ago and for my family's vacation we all decided that we should go to Mexico to visit so of our family. Our flight was going to be in two weeks, and i could not wait for the day to come. The day finally arrived and we headed to the airport our flight was going to take six hours to arrive. I don’t remember how much went on the …show more content…
When the process was finally over we went into the commons area that was very extensive we knew my uncle was going to meet us there. We finally greeted my uncle that had come to pick us up. I had been a 4 year old when i first had seen him so i did not remember much but his nice smile did bring back some nostalgia. When we arrived at my grandmother's house everyone greeted us with hugs and kisses i was so glad to meet so many family members i had never seen before. Although i was glad i was also extremely tired from the whole way, so i decided to take a nap. What felt like a half hour laugh turned out to be five hours. And i was woken up by mom telling me to get changed because we were going to a water park five hours away. I don’t really ever get car sick, but for some strange reason everytime i get in a car with my father, my head starts hurting and my stomach feels like a rollar coaster. I only lasted an hour with my6 father driving before I told him that i felt sick, and my dad told me to wait ten minutes until we would could arrive at a nearby gas station. In a few miles we finally arrived and my mom tells me “Don't take so long please so we can get to the waterpark

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