How to Write a Research Paper on Community Organizations

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Shawn J. Burtner
September 25, 2012
Chapter 4 Pg. 165-175
Social Dimension

It is almost impossible to count how many times we hear a child scream or cry when left with a care giver, at school, or even when a stranger looks at them in the supermarket. And although we notice these things, we don't usually connect them with being unnatural or unnecessary. But in fact, we should. There is hardly a need to experience such things, and that goes for the child as well as the parent. It is a given that a child will cry, it is also given that the child will be reluctant to leave the parent. However, this anxiety can be eased by applying a principle that is very simple.
Socialization, it's a concept that many people
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Both child and parent are made to go through a series of trying experiences with clinging behavior, fussiness, crying, tantrums, and the like; all of which are easily avoided by providing ample opportunity for your child to become acquainted with the world around them. Socialization is an important part of a child's development. Keeping this in mind, shouldn't it be just as important as any other aspect of your child's development? Take the opportunities and resources provided by your community, family, and friends, and begin educating your child in the essential skills of everyday life.

When I think about the word “discipline” I think it sets up a disconnecting power dynamic where I’m in charge all of the time and the kids in my life must do what I say, or “behave”, and submit to my dominance. On the other hand, without any “discipline” I imagine complete chaos and no sense of leadership. So, instead of discipline, I like to talk about setting boundaries. We all need boundaries whether with ourselves, our parents, children, employers or employees. It’s healthy to have and keep clear boundaries, but somehow, many of us have never learned to recognize, implement, and maintain healthy boundaries. Related to the concept of holism and hierarchies is that of boundaries. Families draw boundaries between what is included in the family system and what is external to the system. Boundaries occur at every level of the system and between subsystems. Boundaries

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