How To Write A Reflective Essay About 9/11

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September 11, 2001 is a date that is ingrained in the minds of anyone who was old enough to hear the reporters on the news stations announce that an airplane has hit the World Trade Center. Even before we knew the extent of the damage, or we were told about the other planes, I knew this would affect me. With less than five years of service with United Airlines, I knew that even plane crash from any airline was a big deal. A live camera focused on the towers when it happened. The south tower was struck by another plane. I could see the United Airlines tail. This was a tragedy for the nation and my financial stability. To assess the changes in one's sense of self, it is necessary to go back prior to the phenomenon. A 24 year old bachelor’s …show more content…
The first few days the media reporting brought about curiosity and sadness. This was a time to inform society of the tragedy and share heart wrenching stories of people running out of the collapsed towers at the last second. Stories of business owners letting a family inside just before the cloud of smoke filled the street were highlights on the evening news. This was a time to come together as a society and mourn. Now that society has come together, it was time for the powers behind the media to turn the public perception in a different direction. Emotional stories were followed by image alternating between explosions, airplanes, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. The “media machine” was preparing for war. The groups in power wanted to attack someone and the approval of general society would justify the actions. The term “war on terror” was created to justify an attack on Iraq and Afghanistan. The media supported and cultivated the new hegemonistic view that we needed to go to war and that patriotism was a predominant role we all must show. We needed to defend ourselves with an attack, so the media gave us all the reasons we needed. That same message was carried by other agents of socialization as

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