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Kris is a 3 years old boy. He was the second one arrived at the daycare around 10:00. Before he came, the other girl had started paining in the art centre. JL’s mother dropped off him. As soon as his mother turned around, he pulled her arm to stop his mother leaving. She kissed on his cheek. Then she passed him to the host teacher, he started whining immediately. I got down to greet him; he hugged me so wildly that he pushed me down on the floor, which made him laugh. Then I hold his hand and walked to the window to see his mommy driving away until we couldn’t see her car any longer. Then he seemed much happier and followed me to the art area.
I encouraged him to pick up a paintbrush but he just he leaned on me, watching the other
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He seemed to keep the paper unmoved. Meanwhile, he stroked the right upper arm 60 degrees side by side to scribble a variety of lines and he repeated this action around 3 seconds. Then He kept repeating these two actions to draw vertical line and horizontal lines alternatingly about 8 seconds. He seemed to fill in the right upper corner of the paper.

Suddenly, he lifted the left lower arm upward around 20cm and suspend the paintbrush in the air, right away he moved his lower arm downward 10cm and stopped. At the same time, he bent the body backward to straight and turned his body about 10 degrees, so the right part of the body touched the table. Meanwhile, he turned the neck and the head straight and then turned the head to the left 45 degrees approximately, raised his eyebrow and looked forwards about 1 second. Then he turned the body to the previous position and turned his head about 45 degrees to look forward
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He bent his head 20 degrees downward. His right hand strength forward about 10cm and then he bent all the top knuckles 90 degrees, middle knuckles 20 degrees and lower knuckles 10 degrees, so that the four finger tips pressed on one side of the paint dish, meanwhile the knuckles of the thumb bent didn’t bend and the fingertip of the thumb pressed the other side of the paint

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