How To Turn Typical Meal Into A Healthy Teen Diet Analysis

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In today’s society, teens turn to greasy, unhealthy food instead of nutritional food that their bodies need in order for them to be healthy. In the article, “How to Turn Typical Meals Into a Healthy Teen Diet,” written by Stacy Lu, one of the main focuses is how unhealthy teens are eating. Lu uses Teresa Beach, a registered dietitian, as a source in explaining the ways in which teens diets are unhealthy, and then also goes on to explain the steps to take in order to improve teens diets and strengthen the nutritional value of each meal. One of the first big ideas in the article is Teresa Breach’s ideas about nutritional density, which is the amount of calories vs. the amount of nutrition a person is getting. She states that the meals teens are choosing are not the best choices based on …show more content…
The article relates to me personally in many ways, the first being that I have always been one of those kids that does not stick to a very healthy diet. Junk food has always been a part of my life and has always been my go to when hungry or looking for a snack. After reading the article though, I see the options that I have to change my diet to be more healthy. I definitely would be able to make the changes, such as adding one healthy food to my meal every meal because that is easy and still allows me to eat other stuff that I enjoy. In conclusion, Stacy Lu’s article titled, “How to Turn Typical Meals Into a Healthy Teen Diet,” points out the unhealthy diets teens are following while explaining why they are unhealthy. After pointing those ideas out, she then turns the table and writes ways in which teens can change their diets to become more healthy. After looking at the questions to be asked on whether the information can be reliable or not, it is obvious that the information in this article is extremely reliable and

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