How To Treat Pitbulls

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♥Some of you might not agree with me on this topic. I believe that Pitbulls aren't a bad breed of dog,I believe that any breed of dog can be just aggressive. It all depends on how you treat any breed of dog. In my opinion, it depends on the person and/or people that treat that dog. I know this from my own experience, I was bitten by a dog twice. It was my own dog but it wasn't my dogs' fault,it was mine. The reason(s) my dog bit me, was because I was fooling around and he was on this medication that made him mean, I went by his face,and he bit me.

Pitbulls aren't a bad dog like most people say that they are. I have met some Pitbulls and they were sweet. My friend Marissa has a pitbull named Baily. Baily is the most sweetest,loving pitbull

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