How to Tell a True War Story Essay

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The story by Tim O’Brien shows how the soldiers are themselves and can also be serious. O’Brien also sees how Vietnam changes the soldiers and how they see the world now. There will be people that will ask if it’s true or not true they can asks what happened. There can be different ways to tell a story but they can ask what happen. O’Brien would know which story he really believes. O’Brien will give use by looking at Rat’s point of view, and Sanders point of view of Lemon death and how Rat copes with a letter. Here are three points’ that will go with O’Brien story the history, biography and literary criticism.
O’Brien tells his story when he was in the Vietnam War though books that he has written. For example in “The Things They Carried”
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In the Vietnam War many soldiers lost their lives 59,127. O’Brien is lucky and that he wrote books about Vietnam he didn’t like war but when he graduated in 1968 from Macalester College he got drafted to go to the Vietnam War. He wrote novels about what he went through in Vietnam and put it in different novels. For example “If I Die in a Combat Zone, Going After Cacciato and the Things They Carried” are some of the books he has written about war and Vietnam. According to David Wright “the big losers were innocent civilians, overwhelmed by the powerful weapons being used on both sides. Those unlucky enough to live “free-fire zone” (area where there were charge communist concentrations) were considered enemy soldiers by the U.S and sometimes were shot at on bombed in sight” (45). Will the soldier were at the Vietnam War they would write litter to their families to let them how they are doing. They would as tell their family what was going on in the war. According Letters from Wisconsin Soldiers in Vietna a soldier named John wrote a letter to his mom and dad saying “This is going to be short but to the print because of lack of paper and daylight. As of now I have made up my mind about re-upping and I think my decision will stand but I’ll wait for [Senator William] Prozmire’s reply” (9). He continues on

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