How To Tame Temper Tantrums: Social And Personality Development Theory

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The article I decided to use for this lifespan media paper is about how to tame temper tantrums. This goes hand in hand with the social and personality development in early childhood theory that is talked about in the textbook. The social and personality development theory emerges through the interaction of social influences, natural advancement, and how children represent the social world and themselves. This article addressed that temper tantrums are in fact normal, contrary to what people may think. According to the article, it states that “researchers think these emotional explosions are part of children’s normal efforts to establish a sense of individuality and autonomy — a sort of declaration of independence from mom and dad” (PBS, 2015). …show more content…
Every child will get upset every now and then, but they all display their emotions in a variety of ways. When a child does not understand how to tell someone that they are upset, this is when temper tantrums happen. The textbook also states that emotional regulation skills are incredibly important for children who have temperaments that include increased levels of anger proneness (Boyd & Bee, 2015). With that in mind, it is important to understand how to handle temper tantrums with a child who is more likely to have higher levels of anger. When dealing with a child who is having a temper tantrum, it is essential to stay calm and stay close. When a child is displaying high levels of anger, we need to show him/her how to calm down. By doing this, we need to stay in close range of that child to properly show how it is done. This process of showing the child how to control his/her emotions is one that changes gradually from the parents or guardian to the child among the early childhood …show more content…
All the information I have learned will impact not only my personal life, but also my professional life. This is because I plan on having children of my own someday, and it is important to understand children’s emotions and behavior as they grow up. Not only that, but I plan on opening up my own daycare one day, so the information from this article will be very beneficial to me in the long run. As a parent and an educator, it is crucial to understand the social and personality development of children as they grow. As I stated earlier in the paper, temper tantrums are a normal process that children go through, and I need to understand this as a parent and an educator. This article taught me to stay calm when trying to settle down a child who is having an outburst. Not only that, but it also taught me to stay close to that child and help him/her to understand that I am aware that he/she is upset. Also, though a child may be hard to deal with when they are distressed, it’s essential to address the bad behavior without punishing the child. With an upset child, it’s not necessary to push for an explanation as to why he/she chose poorly. Rather it is easier to let the child communicate his/her feelings on their own when he/she is ready. This information is very useful to keep in mind because as an educator and parent, I will encounter many children who throw

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