Rushing Vs. Gaining A Goal

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This essay will be about the difference when you rush to reach your goal opposed to taking your time to reach it. As you figure out what goal you want to reach, our instinct is to rush to reach it so we can be satisfied. The bad thing about rushing to reach the goal is that it really has no true meaning to you. If you want to reach something badly then you should be willing to take the time and gradually get to that point. Rushing takes your focus away and adds more stress onto the process. However, if you take your time to reach your goal, you’ll see how you’re making progress slowly then when you reach the end, you can be proud of the accomplishment you’ve made and you’ll be able to see that waiting was all worth it.

Success or Unsuccessful
Taking your time to reach your goal is better than rushing to meet it. You’ll be able to focus
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Taking your time takes patience. Patience is very important. It means that you will tolerate or accept any delays,troubles and suffering you have throughout the way without getting angry and upset and wanting to give up. In order to take your time, you have to be willing to set down and plan out how you’re going to meet your goal, accept however long it takes to achieve it, and stick with it. The joy about reaching your goal this way, is that you’ll be able to see and enjoy the process that you’re in the middle of making. Professor Cynthia (2013) mentions that taking your time gives you time to “improve your skills” (para.8) for future achievements. Improving your skills will help you throughout your path to success by opening your mind up to new things maybe you didn’t know before. Knowing you’re taking your time should feel great when it all comes to an end. You’ll be able to look back on the whole journey and realize taking the time you needed was worth it because it got you to where you are

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