How To Save Sea Turtles Essay

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How Rescue Teams Are Saving Sea Turtles
By: Priya Lokhnauth

Turtles have been around for 220 million years. But now they are starting to

become extinct. If we don’t fix this, then future generations will not be able to see this amazing

sea creature. Rescue Teams help turtles and save turtles but some people kill and eat turtles.

Rescue Teams are determined to save sea turtles. Volunteers are now blooming to make more

teams. Rescue teams are also searching for turtles that can’t find their home and turtles that are

hurt. Some people are determined to help save sea turtles. At just eighteen years old, Joshua

Mukkala is the youngest turtle monitor in Fiji. Although Joshua ate turtle meat, he realized
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Turtle hospitals work just like how human

hospitals work. Every turtle has their own little kitty pool. Every turtle has their own name too.

Every turtle is different. Every turtle has their own shell design just like how we all have

different fingerprints. No two turtles has the same shell just like how no two humans have the

same fingerprint. Every turtle also has their own medical file too.

Some people like saving turtles but, however some people don't agree about saving sea

turtles. These people are called poachers. Poachers are people who kill sea turtles. Poachers also collect sea turtle eggs and sell them as souvenirs illegally. These people are harmful to sea

turtles. Poachers kill these sea turtles to eat turtle meat. Some people also like eating sea turtle

Shell. These people love to go out in sea and catch a bunch of turtles, bring them back to sell

and eat. Not only poachers like eating sea turtles, but other people eat sea turtles too.

Rescue Teams are trying really hard to not let turtles get extinct. Those who eat turtles

including poachers are people who are harmful to turtles. When these people come by a
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Turtles can lose their homes very quickly by poachers, garbage, pollution, and litter.

Babies can also lose their parents quickly while hatching season. Lucky, poachers don't always

strike for the baby turtles. Some poachers leave the babies alone so that they can let it grow up

and then kill it. There are alot of species of sea turtles. The Kemp's Ridley is the smallest of all turtles.

The Kemp's Ridley is about twenty-four inches and weighs less than one-hundred pounds.The

Olive Ridley is also a small turtle. It is twenty-four to thirty-six inches long. It weighs less

than one hundred pounds too. The Hawksbill is up to thirty-six inches long. The Hawksbill

weighs over one hundred pounds. The flatback is over thirty six inches long. The Flatback

weighs up to two hundred pounds. The black Sea turtle measures up to 39 inches long. The

Black Sea Turtle weighs as much as two hundred twenty pounds. The Green Sea Turtle

measures up to forty eight inches. The Green Sea Turtle weighs three hundred to four hundred

pounds. The Loggerhead is thirty two to forty one inches long. The Loggerhead weighs up to

three hundred fifty pounds. The Leatherback is the largest sea turtle. The Loggerhead can

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