How To Prevent Gun Control

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Gun control has been a debated topic ever since the Federal government passed the National Firearms Act of 1934, meaning to reduce gun violence. It is a common statement that regulations surrounding firearms are not strict enough and action is needed to prevent further problems, such as random shootings. The big question is whether or not passing more laws on gun control will actually address the problem, and while most agree that gun violence needs to be controlled, there has been no major action to address it yet. Therefore, gun regulations must be enforced with stricter controls, stronger gun laws and better background checks. Do firearms really keep us safe? According to the article “The Background Check System is Ineffective in Preventing …show more content…
Goldberg further illustrated that there are an estimated 280 million to 300 million guns in private hands in America—many legally owned, and many not. Each year, more than 4 million new guns enter the market. There are so many guns that even if Congress decided to pass a law to ban them, it would be nearly impossible to enforce. There are still ways, of course, to make it at least marginally more difficult for the criminally minded, for the dangerously mentally ill, and for the suicidal to buy guns and ammunition. For example, a longer waiting period to receive guns and licenses would be likely to reduce the rate of gun-related suicides. This would allow the gun user to take time and think about his or her decision, because the use of a gun almost guaranteed a fatal decision. Mental-health professionals also could be encouraged or mandated to report patients they suspect should not own guns to the FBI. Although some doctors or patients might disagree with or reject the check up, it is a small sacrifice of privacy to increase public …show more content…
America has an estimated 270 million firearms--approximately 90 guns for every 100 people. Far from keeping citizens safe, Americans use guns to kill more than 30,000 of each other each year and injure approximately 70,000, while using them to execute 400,000 crimes each year. The percentage of firearm violence in the US far exceeds other industrialized nations, where gun ownership is strictly regulated. Indeed, gun violence is relatively rare in other developed nations. Studies have shown that the U.S. has the highest rate of firearm deaths among 25 high-income nations. Although American society has become used to high levels of gun deaths and injuries, gun violence is abnormal and should not be an accepted part of life in a developed society.
Americans own guns for self-protection, but studies have repeatedly shown that having a gun in the house increases the risk of firearm-related death or injury to a household member. According to “Stronger Gun Control Laws Will Save Lives” by Christine Watkins, when a person keeps a gun in the house they are more likely to be involved in an accidental shooting, criminal assault, or suicide attempt than use it to injure or kill an intruder for

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