How To Prevent Concussions In Sports

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Concussions in sports are the most common head injury. It is also extreme when they occur in Youth Sports. They take place in a variety of sports too. How they occur and the symptoms, the grades/levels of concussions there are, and what people are doing to prevent the rapid increase of concussions each day are just three of many questions most people don’t know how to answer correctly.

This head injury takes place by a violent blow or shaking of the head. They’re extremely common in contact sports. Some of those sports include: football, ice hockey, soccer, rugby, and boxing. When concussions occur, there can be a variety of different symptoms such as: headache, vomiting, nausea, light sensitivity, blurred or double vision, confusion, disorientation, and changes in mood. All of these symptoms depend on the grade of the concussion the person received.

There are three grades of concussions. These grades include mild
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People want to decrease the number of concussions that happen again and again everyday. Every team tries to prevent an athlete from tackling incorrectly by doing drills everyday to make the correct tackling form permanent. In an effort to stop concussions and other injuries, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is also recommending that every team to abandon two-a-day practices. Plus, they want them to scale back on full-contact days. Three practices each week instead of four is another desire for some people. To make up these days, the NCAA will need to also add another week to the preseason and require a legislative change by the membership. Scientists conducted research and found that the preseason is the most dangerous time of the year to play football. Research also concludes that head-to-head contact is worse than head-to-ground contact. Therefore, concussions are not a laughing matter but some people also agree that the athletes in these sports know the

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