Essay on How to Make Tamales

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**This recipe is very similar to Tamale’s Industry, but this recipe uses Masa Mix (Which Tamale’s Industry does not use). This is the recipe and preparation that we give out, the true recipe and preparation is Family Secret. This is still a good way for others to make tamales**
Start with the equipment you need:
Before beginning your tamale adventure, you’re going to need some important tools of the trade. Some substitutions can of course be made, but we’ll show you what we prefer.
Large steaming vessel: We use a large stainless pot with a glass lid and a large perforated steaming basket. The larger the better. Although tamales are certainly worth the trouble, fact is they can be a decent amount of work. You wouldn’t want to do all of
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This is where top-notch ingredients make the difference.
7-8 lb Pork Shoulder Roast - buy a good quality roast and trim as much of the exterior fat off as you can.
1 Whole Chicken - don't forget to remove the giblets from the cavity.
2lbs. Corn Masa - this usually comes in a 4lb bag, so you'll have enough for two batches.
1 to 2 packages Corn Husks - the amount depends on how large you like your tamales. We like ours small, so we get a couple of packages. Be sure your husks don't have any black mold on them, and don't use any substitute for real corn husks.
2 1/2 C. Corn Oil - oils don't last forever. If you don't remember when you bought it, it's probably time to get a new bottle.
3/8 C. Garlic Powder - here's another place you might want to buy a new bottle rather than using that one that's been at the back of your spice cabinet for years.
5/8 C. Chili Powder - chili powder is actually a mixture of many ingredients, not just ground chiles. This is an ingredient where buying the best will result in a better tamale.
1 Tbsp. Whole Cumin Seed - if you have a means of grinding the cumin, buy an extra amount of whole seeds.
3 Tbsp. Ground Cumin - fresh ground spices are always the best, but a little jar of ground will do the trick.
3 Tbsp. Paprika - hot, sweet, or's a place where you can add your own interpretation.
5 Tbsp. Salt - we always use a good kosher salt.
1 Tbsp.

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