How To Make Curly Hair Essay

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Curly Hairstyle Along With a Short Haircut

Very few styles may be suited for this type of hair structure. Surely curly hair type will give you a different image that is completely different from the straight hairstyle.

The funniest thing is that the person, who has curly hair, wants to have straight hair, and a person with plain hair wants to have a curly hairstyle. Again, a short hairstyle doesn't match everybody. Body structure, hairstyle and dressing sense determine whether a curly hairstyle makes you look good or bad. In order to try a curly short haircuts and styling, there are a few points you should maintain. The following pointers may assist you.

1. The texture of the Hair: The texture of the hair is very vital while opting for a curly short haircut. If you have thin hair you can definitely apply a curly hairstyle. But a wavy hair type is not ideal for applying curly haircut. It is because it may look like a burden on the head and you will not feel comfortable with this cut. Hence, make sure your hair texture, whether it is thick or not, the hair is wavy and then think about how it will look? It shouldn't turn out to be a burden on your head. A curly hair generally needs extra time, attention and care with respect to plain hairstyle. Curly should be combed regularly or else it will become knotty and fizzy. All these will create some real issues. So make sure how much time you are ready to
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Your Face Shape: Your face should be suitable for your new short hairstyle. If you as for example have long face then you can apply this style. For a long face a long straight hairstyle doesn't seems good. Long face with short curly hair looks much better than other types of combinations. But if you have a big face structure and your jaw line is also defined then it is better not to go for a curly short hair. Your head will look much heavy. You should stay away from these experiments. A heavy curly hairstyle emphasizes only your head in your entire body

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