Lose 10 Pounds In A Week Analysis

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Perusing the Amazon online bookstore left me feeling very anxious. There were a total of 200,000 different diet books to choose from and I needed to find the perfect one to ensure it fit the criteria. Finally, I chose “How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week” by Jenny Allen. Just by the name, you are probably saying to yourself, “wow, this is a total farce; a complete joke”. After reading it although, the author brought up many good points to try and lose weight, but she did so using the most extreme measures possible. The book is simple to read. It gave you a step-by-step outline on where to begin, what to do at each step and it cut what was allowed and not allowed. Allen proposed a multi-step system that would guarantee the reader they would lose …show more content…
Allen despite her bold title discusses many great points that are supported by the scientific community. Her statements regarding artificial sweeteners were surprisingly quite accurate. With the obesity crisis increasing in the United States, many obese individuals are turning to artificial sweeteners to decrease their calorie count while leaving the same sensation of “sweet” the same. According to the latest scientific literature, artificial sweeteners actually could be indirectly related to weight gain. Regular sugar consumption triggers a feeling of satiety. That same bodily response is not felt with artificial sweeteners and therefore can lead someone to have an increase in fat and protein consumption which would in turn increase your weight. Artificial sweeteners also have ties to cancer related illnesses, especially in the bladder. Avoiding them and sticking to the real thing is the best course of action …show more content…
First, she goes into statements regarding cayenne pepper and how it is a major contributor to weight loss. Statements were made that this compound increases overall body temperature while increasing your metabolism, which in turn burns more calories for weight loss. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that supports this notion and has been an old wives tale for decades. OTC supplements have cayenne pepper in them for this make believe reason when in fact many side effects of cayenne pepper regiments cause heart attacks. Another unsupported statement made by the author is in regard to weight loss curing all health ailments. While a loss in BMI does have a great effect on overall health status and doing so can reduce the chance of a heart attack, stroke, or gastrointestinal disease, it cannot cure some all diseases. Heart disease damage and vasculature problems associated with obesity have already been committed and reversing them is impossible. A loss in BMI will help prevent the ailments from getting worse. Even though this weight loss technique is irrational, there are ways that someone might be successful. Severely limiting intake and increasing the amount of water you ingest will work to reduce your weight over the course of a week while sustaining this practice will cause even more weight loss. When adhering to the plan, focusing on sleep, diet, and exercise will work, but it is a very drastic mean

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