How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week Essay

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Perusing the Amazon online bookstore left me feeling very anxious. There were a total of 200,000 different diet books to choose from and I needed to find the perfect one to ensure it fit the criteria. Finally, I chose “How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week” by Jenny Allen. Just by the name, you are probably saying to yourself, “wow, this is a total farce; a complete joke”. After reading it although, the author brought up many good points to try and lose weight, but she did so using the most extreme measures possible. The book is simple to read. It gave you a step-by-step outline on where to begin, what to do at each step and it cut what was allowed and not allowed. Allen proposed a multi-step system that would guarantee the reader they would lose …show more content…
She states that exercise is “your friend” in this diet program. Exercise regiments should contain cardiovascular and strength training workouts that occur 5-6 times in a week. The ability to exercise may be difficult for some, but following this is key to success and if exercising is not completed, there is no way the individual is going to lose 10 pounds in a week. Allen then describes the importance of sleep and how sleep is another aspect that must be pursued (7-10 hours per night on this regiment). Finally, after a book full of eye opening requests, Allen concludes by instructing her readers to keep motivated. She admits that this diet program isn’t for everyone, but for the ones that do begin, there needs to be small goals set with one large goal at the end. When you hit this goal or milestone (3 pounds lost, 5 pounds lost, etc.) there needs to be a non-food reward on the individual participates in. Allen describes this method is better than others because losing weight using other programs takes unnecessary time. Allen describes that in just a “few, little steps to the way you do things, you can kick start your weight loss see tremendous progress in the first week alone”! Further explanation as to why this weight loss method is better than others because she explains that after you jump start into the program, it will help you make better decisions about nutrition and exercise …show more content…
Unfortunately, this tactic is strictly against scientific evidence for safe dieting practices. Laxatives are commonly used to rapidly release bowels and to soften stool. The use of them during a diet can do just that, but cause further problems later on. The rapid excretion of ingested food does not allow your body to absorb the required nutrients. This tactic increases the susceptibility of nutritional deficiencies, eating disorders, and gastrointestinal distress. Let your colon do the work itself, it does a pretty good job as it is. Finally, calculating a bare minimum daily calorie requirement is definitely not supported by scientific literature. Many complications associated with these diets range from acute dehydration, dizziness, low blood pressure and an increase in uric acid (causing arthritic gout). Without medical supervision and nutritional supplementation, adhering to a diet plan that has caloric limitations just to stay alive should be considered

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