Essay on How to Get Good Grade Without Studying Satire

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December 12, 2012

Process Analysis
A good student pays attention in class, does his homework, and studies every night for the upcoming test to achieve that perfect 100% score. However, what makes a student great is the ability to achieve the same results, without having to do that ridiculous amount of absolutely unnecessary work. Learning to adapt to ones surroundings in order to achieve that A+ without having to do a single bit of work is a prime example of a student whom is going places in the world. Although it may seem impossible to some, this incredible feat can be achieved if you follow three simple rules. If you want to be that A+ student, you must go to sleep early, love every teacher of every class, and ultimately, must
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When your teacher says they are hungry, run a quarter mile to the nearest Subway and grab them a pastrami sandwich. Every day, leave an apple on a twenty dollar bill on the teacher’s desk to show the teacher your “appreciation.” Follow this step, and there is absolutely no possible way to get that failing grade in any class. Once the step “love the teacher” has been accomplished, the last step is to work with your “study buddies.”
A “study buddy” is a person that will help you get the correct answers on those tests you did not study for. Pick a person who will take the test before you in order for this step to work. Then, once that person has taken the test, ask that person for every single answer and question in order to prepare yourself for that test next period. If possible, try to also gain a “study buddy” within your period. Sit next to the study buddy and prepare for a rigorous game of “copy your ‘study buddy’ without your teacher noticing.” Reminder, if caught, you will probably spend the rest of your high school and college life being branded a cheater and looked down upon by peers and teachers for the rest of your educational career. However, if done correctly, you get an A for one class that won’t matter whatsoever in the next few years. Congratulations! Anyways, by following these three steps, it is a guarantee that a good student can become a great

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