Essay on How to Conduct a Flame Test

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Flame Test Lab

Your company has been contracted by Julius and Annette Benetti. They are worried about some abandoned, rusted barrels of chemicals that their daughter found while playing in the vacant lot behind their home. The barrels have begun to leak a colored liquid that flows through their property before emptying into a local sewer. The Benettis want your company to identify the compound in the liquid. Earlier work indicates that it is a dissolved metal compound. Many metals, such as lead, have been determined to be hazardous to our health. Many compounds of these metals are often soluble in water and therefore easily absorbed into the body.

Electrons in atoms jump from their ground state to excited states by
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Which metals produce similar flame colors (according to your naked eye)?

NaCl and NaNo3 both turned the color orange.

2. What metal ions are in the unknown solutions A and B from the barrels on the vacant lot? Clearly, and in detail, explain your reasoning.

The metal ions BsCl and LiCl are in the unknown solutions A and B from the barrels on the vacant lot.

3. A student performed flame tests on several unknown substances and observed that all of the flame colors were shades of red. What could the student do to correctly identify these substances?

The student could match their observances to the specific color a flame would make when it comes into contact with a substance.

4. During a flood, the labels from three bottles of chemicals were lost. The three unlabeled bottles of white solids were known to contain the following substances: strontium nitrate, ammonium carbonate, and potassium sulfate. Explain in great detail how you could easily test the substances and re-label the three bottles. (Hint: Ammonium ions do not provide a distinctive flame color).

To easily test the substances and re-label the three bottles you could create a flame with the substances and use diffraction glasses to find the substance’s color.

5. A reddish brown

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