How To Choose Your Career Options Essay

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Knowing the countless number of post-secondary educational options that exists is a critical step in choosing a school and potential career that best suits your wants, needs and desires. Be sure to research institutions in your surrounding community that will provide you with a quality education but does not necessitate long travel times in order to attend. It is equally important to remain aware of any educational institutions that are looking to take advantage of you; these will include institutional pitfalls such as for-profit schools and non-certified apprenticeship programs. Many for-profit institutions offer various trade and associates degree programs, but the only caveat to these institutions are the
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Also includes college resources. — designed to help students and professionals plan more fulfilling lives by making well-informed decisions about education and careers. This site provides resources to help with deciding on what college to go to, choosing a major, planning for your first career, and making a career change.
Uvisor — offers job-seekers a five-step process for finding the right career and right job, from “Define Yourself” (where you provide basic information about yourself) to “Get Hired” (an automated job matching service based on your personal data). Job-seekers can also search for job listings directly (using keyword, location, industry).
Vocational Information Center — A truly great career exploration resource for job-seekers wanting to learn more about vocational and technical careers. Check out the skills employers seek; find a trade school, research technical topics and review the job market.”
*Information above is from the site Quintessential Careers; Author; Dr. Randall S.

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