How to Better a Community; Step One: College Students Essay

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Jacob Schekman
Julio Leal
English 1A
6 July 2009

How to Better a Community; Step One: College Students

“I went to a large state school – the University of Illinois – and during my time there, I became one of the best two or three foosball players in the Land of Lincoln. I learned to pass deftly between my rigid players, to play the corners, to strike the ball like a cobra would strike something a cobra would want to strike. I also mastered the dart game called Cricket, and the billiards contest called Nine-ball. I became expert at whiffle ball, at backyard archery, and at a sport we invented that involved one person tossing roasted chickens from a balcony to a group us waiting below. We got to eat the parts that didn’t
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Imagine how much your local church or community outreach program would gain from students providing the much needed help. My local church in the Pajaro Valley was in dire need of remodeling, and when local people decided to step in and help, the church’s remodeling was finished in very little time. The church had looked better than ever, and if it weren’t for the locals, the remodeling may never have taken place. In 1999, California Gov. Gray Davis proposed a community service requirement for colleges and universities. The Daily Californian, the student newspaper at the University of California Berkeley, opposed the plan; the exclaimed that “Forced philanthropy will be as much an oxymoron in action as it is in terms. Who would want to receive community service from someone who is forced to serve? Is forced community service in California not generally reserved for criminals and delinquents?” (584). I personally find these statements absurd. It puts forth a very poor view of college students. Are we expected to think that the unwilling college volunteer is going to throw food at customers? Everyone knows it is natural to be disappointed to have to put in service, but that viewpoint will quickly change when you meet someone who actually needs your help. With most

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