A Brief Summary Of Nursing Education

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A class such as pathopharmacology, pathopharmacology clinical, and evidence based practice has to be taking the first semester of nursing school at Auburn University at Montgomery. In the pathopharmacology classes and clinics, I would be learning knowledge of heath and illness, and nursing in general. These classes will teach the basic concepts of nursing. Once those classes are obtained, I am able to advance through more complex material. Upon graduating like stated before each nurse has to become licensed by taking the NCLEX-RN Test. I would like to practice my degree in a hospital setting. The program length for completion of a nurse earning an ASN degree is two years whereas, BSN is earned in four years. After earning a BSN degree, …show more content…
Alicia Burke is a young Christian woman who recently graduated from Auburn University at Montgomery School of nursing and Health Sciences with a Bachelor’s degree, in May 2015. By July 2015, Burke was able to obtain employment as a registered nurse at West Georgia Health located in LaGrange, Georgia. Prior to her professional employment, she was BLS certified which means Burke can is certified in basic life support, any form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures. In addition, Burke also received some additional training in clinical and leadership preceptorship. When asked what type of nursing Alicia does, she answered, “I care for patients in the Intensive Care Step-Down unit.” As nurse she is able to administer medication, monitor, and care for her patients. A new piece of knowledge that I gain from Burke was in the career ladder part of her interview. Once one obtains his or her BSN degree they can become certified as a critical care nurse I and II. Then, after obtain a master 's and doctorate degree. The fascinating part of her whole career ladder is that after one year of ICU experience, I could become a Nurse Antitheist if I desired to. To work as ICU nurse, one must have at least an associate 's degree in nursing. The three types of certification one has to have in order to work in ICU unit are basic life support, advanced cardiac life support. As a nurse Alicia has to help out her coworkers and provide for her patients daily. While working a shift their always have a house supervisor, charge nurse, and manager to oversee over all of the registered nurses. All paperwork that the nurses at West Georgia Health chart is done by electronic use only. All assessments, medications, patient input, patient output, hourly rounding, and more are done on a computer. Thus, this shows one how the use of technology is evolving throughout

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