How To Be Happy Essay

Happy I thought. What does that mean? After all these problems that happened to me, my family and that are still happening, how am I going to be happy? Supposedly, happy is the state of be content with life and not just having a big smile on your face all the time is something that we get for a short time. I remember smiling and be happy if I can say that.
My father spend most of his life living in this country (U.S.) the country of opportunities in where you could your dreams, goals; the country of freedom, safety, and equality. I remember my dad who used to visit us when I was little: me, mom, my two siblings and the rest of the family every year for 3-4 weeks and spend time with us on Christmas and New Year’s. I used to wait for him anxiously-desperate
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Years were passing until my family decided to move to Chicago when I was almost ten years, and live with my dad renting a basement for a year. One day my dad got fired and found another job, yet the salary wasn’t enough to cover all of our needs not even to save enough because of the bills. My parents came up with a solution, a solution that was going to separate us as a family and go backwards again. “We’ll be going back to Mexico,” those were the words that my mom spoke. I didn’t know what was happening, nor the struggles that they were facing and were future to face. Tension, sadness, refusal, and resignation were filling the environment around each one of us. Tears were coming out of our eyes, and a bye was giving as the end of the journey. After five years of the departure my dad was now living in Orlando, Florida with a better job. Summer break was coming closer next with the day of our fly tickets to get with my dad again and spend our vacations with him, which we did. Something changed after that, my parents weren’t the same to each other as before. After that the …show more content…
The doctor that knows her for twenty years and attended her when she was pregnant of me checked her, but when he checked her stomach he knew that something was wrong, so he decided to look up and see what was happening and then he paralyzes. “Martina, you don’t have anything, is just… a baby…mmm you’re pregnant… you have like two months.” That’s what my mom told me what the doctor told her. Since, then nothing was going to be the same. Nobody knew she was pregnant until New year’s nor either my dad. That day was the worst day of my parents, they ended up discussing alone in my grandma’s house as never before while the rest of the family including myself were outside in the porch. My dad got drunk, and when everyone finished hugging to each other as tradition my dad left, but my mom didn’t say anything, which was weird. The days were getting darker and darker and the love that they used to have since they got married were disappearing. My dad thought the worst of her and she got heartbroken after listening to him. When I was getting older my mom started to tell me the problems that she was having with my dad and how everything was going to

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