How To Be A Nursing Career Essay

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Pursuing a Nursing Career: What Path Should you take?
“No matter what you do, do not become a nurse!” My mother drilled these words into my head growing up.
After wasting two years of time and money attending college in hopes of finding a career path that I would like to pursue other than nursing I decided to put my mothers advice behind me and follow my heart by starting my journey to becoming a nurse, I was meant to be a nurse. I applied to a competitive ten month accelerated Practical Nursing Program, after passing my TEAS exam, completing the application process, and having an interview; I was accepted! Out of the 160 individuals that applied 32 of us were accepted into the program. Have you always dreamed of being a nurse? Do you find great joy
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My goal as a nurse is to work in hospice, finding a hospice position open to a Licensed Practical Nurse is nearly impossible and very hard to come by because you have to be a Registered Nurse in order to pronounce time of death. I am currently in school and three years away from obtaining a degree as a Registered Nurse. Becoming a Practical Nurse has increased the length of my journey to fulfilling my dream of working as a hospice nurse and I am going to owe more money in student loans than if I went into a 2-4 year program in the first place. If there is one thing you need to remember it is that nursing is a beautiful career choice, no matter what path you take you are going to make a huge positive impact on so many people. There are many aspects to consider before beginning your education towards your nursing career, but, in order to have a higher understanding of subjects included in nursing education, practice as a nurse at a more intricate level, and earn more financially; obtaining a Registered Nursing degree is the smartest way to

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