Essay on How to Arrange Bibliography

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A citation is a source of information used in a report. Bibliographic citations for books vary. These examples can help you write your bibliography for many types of book citations.

Last Name, First Name. Title. Place: Publisher, Year.
The author is listed, last name first. The title is underlined. The city where the book is published is listed followed by a colon and the name of the publisher followed by a comma. The year the book is published is then listed followed by a period. Use the most recent copyright date. The city is usually found on the title page of the book. The copyright date is usually found on the
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Place: Publisher, Month, Day, Year: Page numbers used.
The author's name is given first, the name of the article, then the name of the magazine, the date of the magazine, a colon and then the page number(s). If you used the whole magazine, you do not have to put pages. If there is no author, start with the article title.

"Article Title." Newspaper Title. Month, Day, Year: Section Number, Page Numbers Used.
If the article has an author, it is placed before the name of the article.


Title. Director. (or host or narrator) Videocassette. Publisher, (or Vendor) Year.
The title of the videocassette is listed first. The person who is credited on the box (the director, host, or narrator) is listed second. The type of media (a videocassette, film, or filmstrip) is listed next. The publisher and the year published are listed last.

"Article Title." Name of CD. CD-ROM. Place: Publisher, Year. 10. WORLD WIDE WEB/INTERNET:
Last Name, First Name. Title of Home Page. Date. (Use the date that you found the website) <>
If the website has not author (most of them don't), use the sponsoring organization if there is one. If there is none, start with title, underlined. Then put the day, month and year that

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