How To Adopt From Foster Care Essay

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It’s a story about a two married couple who adopted four kids legally and opened their home for more than 40 foster kids. Kelly is a foster parent and once was a foster child, she said she saw how hard it was not to have a permanent home. When she was young she said to herself that she wants to adopt someday and the first time she holds a baby she knew she wants to become a parent. She wanted to become a foster parent so bad and her husband Jeff jumped on board and these couple created a home for foster children.

I like what these couple did but to me I think as much as I want to be a part of this practice I just think that there should be a limit of how many kids a person or a family can adopt from foster care because even though they just
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A variety of ways to make it possible for low income to afford to adopt a child. Some example in the list are employee benefits, a sliding scale for some who has low income, a payment plan for someone who wants to divide the cost into a smaller payments. They also differentiate the difference between adoption and foster care the difference between the two are adopting a waiting child will cut down your cost significantly because the states or county will finance your home study while with the foster care you will receive a check monthly for the expense and medical assistance needed for the foster child and same thing with the waiting child the state and county might cover the home study expense and the other advantage of foster adoption is you will get more training and classes about how to handle parenting issues.

Though there’s a lot of options available I can’t believe that somebody who just wants to help kids by adopting them and giving them all the love and care they needed has to pay a fees to make it happen. Kids are not toys or materials that in order to get them you have to pay somebody. I think if we should really want to help these unfortunate children we should make finding their permanency easier as possible both for the children and for the adopting parents or

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