How Things Can Change Your Life Essay

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If she could start to expect more of her time on Earth, then she would be able to stop seeing life as one big disappointment and start to do things that actually made her happy. If she believed that happiness and love were what she was put here for, then she would have no choice but to leave her jerk husband and try to look for it.

Try to change your expectations in life if they are not serving your life well. You don 't deserve to life in a state of stress, unhappiness, guilt, shame, or any other negative emotions. You are here with the capability to feel happiness, love, and compassion, so that must mean that you are worthy of feeling of it. Take on that expectation and life will cease to suck so much as you try to achieve it.

5. Remember How Quickly Things Can Change

Life may suck right now, but tomorrow you could be in a completely different place thanks to the fact that things can change very quickly.

- You may be recognized by someone important and offered something great.

- You may win the lottery.

- You may find your life purpose.

- You may find that perfect partner.

- You may be offered a new job or new opportunity.

- You may have an aha moment that changes your entire life.

- You may find the perfect course to give you the insight you need for a better life.

There are so many things that can happen within a day that you can 't limit yourself to believing that this is all there is. If you are open to things changing, you will keep your eyes open for…

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