How The World Religions Have Been A Nation State Full Of Hindus

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Conflict: an analysis of how the World Religions traditions have been known to handle conflict Conflict can arise in many different forms, within different people or groups. Based on people’s origins there are several places to look at conflict and its resolution such as religion. In Hinduism and Judaism, both religions are forced to resolve conflict in various areas, but most prominently with invading peoples and ideologies. Both religions have been known to handle this conflict in a similar manner, but different practices. For example, Hindus look at scriptures and practices such as the Ramakrishna look to religion inwardly within oneself to resolve conflicts, and the Jews look inwardly to their history to resolve conflict. However, Eastern Asian religions try to overcome conflict and get past it. India has always been a nation-state full of Hindus, but over time the people there have had conflict with the Muslims and the British since their introductions from the 12th century and onward. The Muslims and the British are people of different ideological backgrounds, ethnicities and religions, which has caused upheaval in India. The problem between the Muslims and the British and the Hindus was the fact that they believed their own civilizations and cultures to be superior, hence they had to change the Hindu people. In conquering of the lands, led to missionary work to convert Indians and change their entire society into that of the Muslims or British. What do the Hindus…

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