How The Workplace Has Extended Far Beyond Public Schools Essay examples

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(1) Present Details

Like a lot teens, our parents encouraged both my brother and I to hold a job throughout our high school careers. Lucky for us, the wonderful fast food chain, McDonald’s, was hiring at the time. As if the harassment from the occasional rude customer wasn’t enough, our manager, Brandon, was the definition of a workplace bully. My brother, Evan, fell victim to his antics the majority of the time. Everyday, he would listen in on the headset when Evan was taking orders at the drive through and wait for him to make a mistake. Once Brandon picked up on Evan making a minor error, such as forgetting to ask if the customer would like ketchup with their order, he would scold my brother over the microphone so that the customer could hear everything through the speaker. The workplace attacks extended far beyond this public shaming. There were instances that he would make personal insults towards my brother, saying that he sounds like a girl on the microphone and occasionally make inappropriate comments regarding his appearance. He seemed to have it out for my brother and would follow him around telling him to redo tasks he had completed because they weren’t done well enough.

(2) Apply Concept

From the “Examples of Abusive Workplace Behaviors” handout, there are several examples that match Brandon’s destructive behavior. Disrespecting/Devaluing the individual is the strongest match from the list. When Brandon would make personal insults towards Evan, it would hurt…

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