How The United States Has Both Market And Social Justice Of Health Care

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3. Explain how the United States has both market and social justice of health care. Market justice assumes that consumers are financially stable and are willing to purchase health care services at market prices. Under market justice, the distribution health services are significantly based on the consumer’s ability to pay for adequate services (Shi & Singh, 2013, p. 41). The problem with market justice is that without adequate income or health insurance through employment people find themselves uninsured or underinsured and reliant on government intervention. Social justice views health services as a social good instead of an economic good. Under social justice, health services are collectively financed and distributed by the government, and available to consumers regardless of their ability to pay (Shi & Singh, 2013, p. 41). The United States has both social and market justice because private and employers based health insurance plans account for a large enough portion of health coverage in the United States. The remaining portion of health coverage is obtained by the publicly financed Medicare and Medicaid. The U.S. will continue to have success with operating under both social and market justice. In regards to market justice, technology and its advancements will continue to drive consumer demand for the most current health technology, procedures, and best practices which, also will drive the cost of health care. While social justice will always be available to…

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