Essay on How The Treatment Of Sodomy From The 16th Century?

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Sex has always been closely analyzed by society. There are so many rules and restrictions that have been placed upon it. This is especially true in 15th century Europe, but still remains true today. During the late 1400’s sodomy was a crime that could be committed by men and women, although the term was not used when in reference to women. Sodomy was somewhat of a new trend being recognized in women, but rising in popularity. Sodomy was a crime that was punishable by death for both men and women. But with an accusation such as sodomy one had to go to court and have a proper trial, then if found guilty, the accused was sentenced to death. What was once punishable by death is merely casually talked about today, but there are still some people today the attempt to outcast, and yes even harm people who perform homosexual acts, or commit acts of sodomy according to the 15th century terminology. When comparing the treatment of sodomy from the 15th century to today, it is clear that while there have always been rules regarding sex, attitudes towards the matter have certainly changed and are constantly evolving.
In 1477, the famous trial of Katharina Hetzeldorfer was taking place. Katharina was accused of two crimes; female sodomy; which is specified as the sexual relations of two people of the same sex, and impersonating a man. This trial is significant for the role that it plays in history; this trial is known as one of the first trials for female homosexuality (sodomy). During…

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