How The Transition From The Ages And Into The Age Of Empires Essay

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In this paper I 'm going to lay out how we think that the history of humanity played out. I 'm going to show how the transition from hunter/gatherer to sedentary lifestyle was necessary and very important. I am going to show how humanity developed out of the stone age and into the age of empires. The last thing that I 'm going to show is that the development of complex societies is the single greatest thing that happened to humanity.
It starts with the evolution of early Hominids. Starting with Australopithecus moving to Homo erectus then to our homo sapiens. The few things that makes the homo sapiens different from its ancestors most of all they were remarkably intelligence. This gave them a powerful edge in contest of survival. This gave them the opportunity not only operate on basic animalistic instincts they could comprehend more and more complex tasks.
Although we don’t have a lot of information regarding the start of early hominids. With the help of modern anthropologists and archaeologists we have a lot of educated guesses what is most likely to have occurred. It all starts in the heart of Africa where there are early Australopithecus sites. This is the earliest that we have on record of the beginning of the hominids. As they developed and evolved they expanded across the African continent into Europe and Asia. With the Homo sapiens inhabiting Australia, North and South American continents.
This brings me to the Paleolithic societies, and how they grew and covered…

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