How The Summer Is Here, Issue Of Hospitality New Zealand 's Newsletter Created By My Group And I

1451 Words Oct 25th, 2015 6 Pages
This essay will evaluate and reflect on the effectiveness of the ‘Summer is Here’ issue of Hospitality New Zealand’s newsletter created by my group and I. Aspects of the newsletter such as a rationale, significance of each section, visual and graphic design and individual roles will be assessed and reflected on in order to show the timeline in which the document was produced. These aspects will also be analysed in order to show the effectiveness of the newsletter.

The basis for our summer issue of Hospitality New Zealand’s newsletter was to discuss topics that may affect businesses within the industry over the upcoming summer months. The newsletter covered a range of trends and issues including alcohol management, living wage, events and promotions and culture and diversity. Sections were covered in order to motivate the readers to implement change into their business in a positive way as well as inform them of future events within the industry. The target audience was solely anyone involved in the hospitality industry and each section was therefore written with audience in mind. Within the newsletter there was a focus on implementing change in order to help better businesses within the industry nationwide for the summertime. Design and visuals also played a big role when it came to making the newsletter successful. The objective was a professional looking document yet still engaging to the reader. In order to achieve this the content was to be arranged correctly in order…

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