Essay How The Summer After My Freshman Year Of College

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Introduction My mom and I decided that the summer after my freshman year of college we would take a mother-daughter trip. I really wanted to go to Mexico City and mom wanted to go to New York. We debated about where to go because we wanted to go to both places. We finally decided that we would just go to both places. We drove to New York first since it was in the States and then we flew out to Mexico City.
Profile of New York New York Bay was discovered in 1542 by Giovanni da Verrazano. Henry Hudson then went up the river and claimed that area. Then northern New York was claimed by Samuel de Champlain in 1609. In 1642 a Dutch settlement was created at Fort Orange which is now called Albany which is the capital of New York now. The metropolis of New York City is the center for our nation. It leads in manufacturing, foreign trade, commerce and banking, book and magazine publishing and theatrical production. New York has the world 's largest stock exchange and, is the largest employer in the printing and publishing industry as well as apparel.
Journal Entry for New York We got to New York on a Monday afternoon. We were dead tired from the long twelve-hour drive. We decided to take a nap once we got checked in. After a long refreshing nap, we decided to stay in and order room service and plan our next two days in the city. The next day we decided to do some site seeing. We first went to The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island where there was a long wait to get on a boat…

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