How The Room Becomes The First Therapy Activity Essay

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When the five year old male client with cerebral palsy first entered the room his initial response was to sporadically dart around the room excitedly in no seemingly pointless manner. The clinician let him get some of his energy out before starting in the therapy. The client excitedly explores the room. In about a minute, the client is already trying to play with the lights, get things off a high shelf, and touch everything in the room. Strategically the clinician placed everything out of his reach so the client would have to intentionally ask for help, say please, or use words to communicate. Exploring the room becomes the first therapy activity. The clinician is trying to get as many words out of the client as possible. Most are functional words, like “up” to get to the shelf, or “off” to turn out the light. It quickly becomes clear that the client has a very limited vocabulary and uses only one-word utterances. Each time the client says “up”, “light”, or any other word she tries to get him to say please. About half the time the client would say please, but never in succession with what he wanted. The first 10 minutes essentially passed with him saying “up”, the clinician saying “Up, please”, then the client saying up several more times while the clinician tries to get a ‘please’ out of him. Half of the time the client would just continue to say “up” louder and louder until the clinician picked him up, but the other half of the time he would say “up”, with a very…

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