How The Rights Of Lbqtg 's Affect The Behavior And Choices Of Youth Growing Up

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Ever considered how the rights of LBQTG’s affect the behavior and choices of youth growing up? Some individuals may feel that LBQTG’s should be treated with the same rights and respect as other person. Although there are some individuals that feel they should not expose youth to an environment of LBQTG’s, because it may cause them to be confused with their own identity and what society views as the “norm” . As kids, most are taught that boys dates girls and that dating the same sex is a “no no”. Youth who are exposed to LBQTG environments at a younger age are more likely to be effected by LBQTG right than those who are older. Even though today’s society is more open to the rights of LBQTG’s, some complexities still occur. In which I would say that it can effect them in both a negative and positive way.
The right that LBQTG’s people should “be able to have freedom of expression and association”, In which brings sex equalities into play. Creating major exposure to youth, although some individual agree with that because everyone deserves to feel accepted. Other feels that LBQTG should not be allowed to express sexual emotion in public areas. In the article,” How Marriage Equality Could Affect The Next Generation, its states that individuals “is worried children will start being taught in school that same-sex relationships are the same as heterosexual relationships”. Implying that most parents don’t want their child expose because of the effect it may have on their child. As…

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