How The Racial Stereotypes Can Affect Our Assessment Of The Athletes

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Stone, Perry and Darley (1997) demonstrated how the racial stereotypes can affect our assessment of the athletes’ performance and how our description of the athletes can demonstrate confirmation bias of racial stereotypes. They studied the effect by asking the participants to rate the attributes and performance of the players after listening a radio broadcast of a basketball game. The white players were perceived as exhibiting less natural athletically ability but more “court-smarts”. The black players were perceived as exhibiting less “court-smarts” but more natural athletically ability. For this mini-experiment, I will test the following 10 words that could be a component of racial schemas or stereotypes of athletes: “intelligent”, “hustle”, “smart”, “tough”, “durable”, “athletic”, “natural”, “speed”, “instincts”, and “strength”. These words can be grouped into two categories. For example, “intelligent”, “hustle”, “smart”, “tough”, and “durable” are words that used to describe one’s intelligence and diligence. Words such as “athletic”, “natural”, “speed”, “instincts”, and “strength” are used to describe one’s physical abilities. I will search the words by using the database created by the sports blog Deadspin to compare words that are used to describe white and black players. On the database, nearly 400 players, 99 are white and 288 are black, are written about. The result will be presented in the following chart:

Number of times the words appear per 10,000 words…

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