How The Price Inflation Affects The Federal Healthcare System And The Responses Of The Presidential Candidates

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On the federal side of the situation, we can observe how the price inflation affects the federal healthcare system and the responses of the presidential candidates in their presidential campaign. Currently, many Americans are able to enroll in a healthcare plan because of the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act “have improved access, affordability, and quality in healthcare for Americans” ( However, the price inflations of the pharmaceutical drugs have created an adverse effect on affordable healthcare, and the presidential candidates are outraged on this effect.
Due to the dramatic price inflation of Daraprim, many people are outraged at the new price. Patients are outraged because of the large amount of money they pay out of pocket to fill their prescription. Due to out of pocket expenses, many patients must skip their doses, reduce other daily expenses, or do not fill their prescription at all. According to a recent survey, one out of four people whose prescription cost increased could not pay their medical bills, one out of four people stopped getting their prescriptions filled, and one out of five skipped their schedule doses (Potazaru). There is an increased amount of patients that are not able to afford to take their medications due to the drug price increase. Many patients are not even able to take their medications. If these patients are not able to take their regular doses of medicine, it can cause their health to be increasingly problematic. In…

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