How the physical effects of ageing affect an elderlys self confidence

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How the physical effects of ageing affect a persons self esteem and self confidence
As a person becomes old they seem to lack in confidence. For some this isn't the case but ageing can affect it in many ways. Not only positively but negatively too. Self esteem is how someone feels about themselves as a person but self confidence is how they protray themselves to others around them. Some being very confident but others not being confident at all.
Compared to when they were young the elderly may lose there self confidence as they begin to age and there are many reasons for that. A lot of people tend to be very negative towards life because some may be embarassed about themselves such as the old 'ageing look' grey hair, wrinkles and
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Seeing friends being able to go out and play activities could make them feel down in the dumps and left out. I have seen this happen to my great nan. She wasn't capable of being able to get up and walk around, let alone go out to play activities. She lived with her friend who was able to get up and about which i noticed from the look in her eyes that it did upset her that she couldn't do things that others around her could. In a way she seemed to be embarassed at the fact she couldn't. It seemed to me that when we visited her it was only a cover up of her she was talkative and seemed to be happy but really we all knew she was lonely and upset with what her life had come to and if she could change the fact that she could be able to do every day activities then she would be so much more happier.
Although many people are diffferent and the reason they are like this could be the fact that they grew up to be like that, some may have grown up to have never liked themself and always put them self down. This could be the case as from an early age. The thought of looking bad knocked there confidence to rock bottom and that has followed them throughout there life. A lot of people are also very shy and do lack in confidence and that can affect them through there whole life, causing them to not go out and

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