How The Periodic Table Developed? Essay

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How and Why Was the Periodic Table Developed?
The periodic table is a very important tool in chemistry. It is used in many different branches of science and has helped us to get to where we are today, but how and why was the periodic table created? More questions have to be asked before this question can be answered. Information about the structure needs to be acquired, as well as who was involved in developing it. Information about the importance in developing the periodic table has to be found, as well as its significance in today’s society. Firstly however, what exactly is the periodic table?

What is the Periodic Table?
The periodic table is, “a visual representation of every known elements present in the universe” . The intention of the periodic table was to display all the known elements and their physical properties and similarities with other elements (first table was developed in the 19th century). The current periodic table contains 117 elements which are placed in a particular order to show similarities and differences in the properties. There are 94 elements that are found naturally in nature and the other 24 were artificially produced using particle accelerators. The properties of elements can actually be predicted by looking at its place on the table. If a new element is discovered there is room to include them in the table.

What is the Structure of the Periodic Table?
The columns of the Periodic Table are called groups and the rows are…

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