Essay on How The Oxygen Tank Was Bigger Than Me

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The oxygen tank was bigger than me. Its metallic body loomed over mine, and had warning stickers all over it; “WARNING DON’T DROP! EXPLOSIVE!” said one sticker, “FLAMMABLE! DO NOT EXPOSE TO FIRES!” said another. Of course, I was too young to read those stickers, however the pictures got the message across. My job was to get the tank to the older boy on the floor. Two worn down adults were busy making sure his airway was clear and that his convulsions didn’t injure him any further. My brother’s seizure started to subside as the oxygen trickled into his nose. Seem like a dramatic scene? This is my normal.
In 1990 a beautiful baby boy was born to a newly married couple. My mom, with her huge curly hair, as was the style at the time, despite the beads of sweat on her temple, and my father dressed in scrubs and a surgical mask, looked into the eyes of my brother Alex. He was a perfectly normal boy, and why shouldn’t he be? My parents had followed the fairly new What to Expect When You 're Expecting, and they were both in the medical field, a doctor and a nurse.
As Alex grew he showed signs of being a genius. His dexterity was far beyond that of other children his age, and he could speak as eloquently as someone much older than he. He could solve simple math problem. He could play simple instruments. The most shocking part was he was only four years old.
In 1994, my mother peed on a stick and my existence was confirmed. My parents were both shocked that I had made it through a…

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