How The Organic And Green Movement Essay

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How did the Organic Farming/ Green Movement come about? Do you know the difference between todays Modern Farming and Organic Farming? I will be discussing how the Organic/Green movement began, and the difference between Organic farming vs. Modern farming; as well as the benefits of the Green Movement and Organic farming vs. the very few benefits of Modern farming.
The Organic Movement refers to the organizations and people involved worldwide in the preference of organic farming and other organic products. “What makes the food movement so unusual is that its not a single national movement at all, it’s a series of organized smaller mobilization-which is both an asset and a liability (Walsh). The movement is the reaction by a group of people when the corporate world intervened with agriculture and started using pesticides in farming as well as they started keeping more plants and animals in one plot of land so they could make more money by having more crops and animals/products on their lands (Monk). “The modern organic movement began at the same time as the industrialized agriculture” (The Organic Institute). Between the 18th and 19th century people transferred from organic agriculture system to using chemicals (Ani). “Until the 1920’s all agriculture was generally organic”. Farmers used natural-traditional ways to nourish the soil and control pests. After the second World War, is when the farming industry changed dramatically; they started using pesticides and insecticides…

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