How The Natural World Works And How Our Environment Affects Us

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Today in the year 2015 there are alarming factors impacting the Earth. In the study of environmental science, defined as “the study of how the natural world works, and how our environment affects us, and how we affect our environment (Withgott, 2012)”, takes a deeper look in how we can improve our world by changing our ways of living. Environmental issues such as depleting natural recourses, harming ecosystems, using fossil fuels and population growth are major contributing factors in harming our environment in the 21st century. Natural resources stated by Withgott are sources people take from the environment in order to survive. Examples of natural recourses consist of air, water, wood, oil, and wind (p.3). Natural recourses are an issue because the people on this planet are harming these recourses by daily life duties. With the transition between agricultural revolution to the industrial revolution, this was major cause to the effect of our natural recourses. During the agricultural revolution, Withgott explains how the growths of crops, living on farms were a solid way to produce more food to meet the needs of nutrition to grow the population. Now with more people, the industrial revolution way of life changed to animal powered agriculture, mass production of factory made goods all powered by fossil fuels Withgott explains (p.4). Our natural resources started becoming depleted starting in mid-1700’s when this transition started. By harming our air, water, and oil our…

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