Essay on How The Moods Of Your Cat

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How to manage the moods of your cat.

Whenever someone thinks of a cat, a cute, playful, little ball of fur comes to their mind. Their big innocent eyes, capture everyone’s heart. But do not be fooled, these cute little cats can get pretty demanding. They have temper fits just like any other human being. They are attention seekers and can get quite upset if no one pays attention to them. Sounds like a behavior of a child right? Well that’s how cats are. Managing the moods of your cat can seem to be a pretty hard job but I have some tips which can help a cat owner make that job easier. I am a proud owner of a tomcat, Bandu, for 8 years. And a partial owner of about 20 cats who have come and gone. I have seen a variety of displays of emotions these cats can show. They can have tempers, they can get grumpy, they need constant attention but at the same time they can have one of those moods where they just want to be left alone. Cats do have good moods as well, they tend to play a lot but when they start playing no one can stop them. Each year I spent with my cat, I learnt a new mood of his. It is like a small child, when he/she is a toddler they don’t have many emotions to express but as they get older they start developing new moods. I am a lazy owner so I tend to just bribe my cat by giving him more food whenever he is in his terrible moods. No wonder his belly touches the ground when he walks. But apart from that I do know how one can manage the moods of their cat.…

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